Innovation is a strong position present in products in the medical line. They take pride in usefulness, designed for intense daily use and conceived with the highest quality raw materials.

Olsen, which has always worked with quality and efficiency for the greater comfort of its customers and patients, brings its experience consolidated in the international market to Brazil. Providing safety, convenience and automation, medical chairs serve diverse specialties with excellent performance and efficiency.

Automatic Line

Ambulatory Stretcher - Ref. 350

Versatile Chair - Ref. 330

Performance Chair - Ref. 310

Performance Ginecology Chair - Ref. 320

Hematology Chair - Ref. 340

Laboratory Chair - Ref.130

Ophthalmology/ENT/Radiology Chair - Ref. 111

Podiatric Chair - Ref.131

Mechanical Line

Ophthalmology/ENT Chair - Ref. 112

Gynecology Chair - Ref. 142

Blood Collection Chair - Ref. 140

Blood Donator Chair - Ref. 141