The fourth of August, 1978, the day that the dream started to come true. This was the day Cesar Olsen founded the company Olsen Odontomedica Ltda, with the objective to manufacture and repair dental units.


As the years passed by the product line up has being designed, and after sometime the products became known by being robust and price-competitive, yet always restricted to the dental area. Then in 1992 the company started to make medical units as well, reaching around 15% of the domestic market by the end of the 90’s, with a monthly production of 170 medical and dental units.

More experienced and with a more diversified line of products, Olsen then started to insert itself in the international market through international trade fairs and events. The exports began and the company growth became vertiginous. By then the Olsen products had gathered great technical quality and the company offered the market units of high technology and design.

In 2003, with 25 years of existence, Olsen achieved the status of “World Class Company”, offering technology innovation level compared to the industry’s world leading companies.

In March 2004 the company’s name changed to Olsen Industria e Comercio S/A (Olsen Manufacturing and Trading Inc.) and, awarded with a large outstanding prizes, became a reference in its industry, keeping the pace on the innovation of its technology and developing new products, some of them launched with exclusivity in the market.

Nowadays Olsen employs nearly 200 workers and produces around 400 units per month in its wide and modern facilities. Its products are sold in the entire domestic market through more than 50 authorized dealers’ network, and 50% of its production is aimed to the exports to over 100 countries. A wide service network and an efficient and skilled after sales team is in place as well.

By partnering with Bosch, Olsen sought to bring together reliability and quality to its products. Initiatives like that make of Olsen an innovative and in constant growth company. This is how Olsen looks for its position in the domestic and international markets, always close to its clients. With the brand consolidated in the market, in 2014 the company celebrates its 36 years ensuring the pioneering in the development of new technologies.


President Words

I have linked my name to the factory and to the Dental and Medical equipment which are currently produced and trade in more than 100 countries having in mind the responsibilities and long-term response of this initiative.
Our products are modern, innovative, durable and of low maintenance cost. These characteristics have been achieved thanks to our competent and dedicated team, which make me very proud for many reasons, as they are always giving the best of their creative capacity to our clients.
Our company will always be open to all those who prefer Olsen products, for any necessary information and technical assistance, but especially for comments regarding the relationship with customers. We expect this connection to always bring you satisfaction, resulting in more and more benefits to all of us.

President - Cesar Olsen